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  • Abhijeet Gupta & Associates was founded with a clear purpose of providing practical, reliable and advice to clients across different fields of law. Since its inception, Abhijeet Gupta & associates has grown steadily and now has offices across Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai. We have an accomplished team of committed lawyers to deliver best-in-class legal solutions to help clients achieve their objectives. Our greatest strength is the in- depth understanding of legal, regulatory and commercial environment in India and abroad. This enables us to provide bespoke counsel to help our diverse client negotiate any volatile or dynamic business environment. At Abhijeet Gupta & Associates, we believe in combining individual and mutual strengths to achieve collective growth. 

  • At Abhijeet Gupta, we are passionate about the law and work that we do. We constantly endeavour to improve by sharing our ideas and expertise. The firm places a great emphasis on team work as much as on indictable initiative and contribution. We believe and motivate our teams to think out of the box and solve the problem with a fresh and relevant perspective. We firmly believe in professional ethics and professional responsibility both within the firm and the way we deal with our clients. We maintain a constant vigil to protect the information and interest of our clients. We are committed to investing considerable time and resources to help the query of our clients. We believe in quality and not quantity and doing so has helped in forging lasting relationships with our clients.

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